Me being me

— This is an old post transferred from my « » blog — “What difference do you want to make in this world?” I was asked. To answer that question, I will start with the “how”. How can I make a difference in this world? How can anyone make a difference? My answer is: by being ourselves. Our. True. Selves. So I may not know exactly what difference I want to make, but I know that the best way to do so is to be myself, completely, boldly, everyday. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an easy task. It […]

Casting off

— This is an old post transferred from my « » blog — Something redundantly happening in my life: casting off. Sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally. Most recently, I left my job. Not for another job, but for another life. I retired from the corporate world, as I like to say. The feeling of not living my life fully, of not working in line with my values, of not following “my own path” slowly grew on me in the past year or so. Until at some point it became obvious that I had to leave. I think this feeling visits a lot […]


— This is an old post transferred from my « » blog — Have you ever prepared for something for a long time, but then when it finally happened, it wasn’t like you imagined? This happened to me recently. I took a decision in October 2015, I was going to retire from the corporate world. It was crystal clear that this was the thing to do. The idea had been creeping on me for a long time, and that week right after our wedding – emotionally going from a most meaningful weekend of my life to an ordinary stressful day at […]